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I Love You, Mana

Aug 29, 2018

This ones about counterfeiting. That thing Leo Dicaprio did in that movie with Tom Hanks and the fat mom or something. We also made a fart joke during this ep, sorry.

Aug 22, 2018

We got more art stuff for y'all. Turns out some MTG artists have been ripping off works of classical art. We discuss this scandal and make a new friend.

Aug 15, 2018

This is our most organized episode yet. We covered nearly three semi cohesive topics.

Aug 10, 2018

Damn, we're givin out bonus episodes already. Zach is away on assignment. Mike and Tor sit down shortly after Tor's very first game of EDH and discuss Pizza Hut or something. Keep in mind that we recorded this one well before we decided to become experts at Magic.

Aug 8, 2018

We covered Commander 2018. I think we also promised y'all a bonus ep this Friday. I don't actually know for sure because I have to wake up in 3 hours for work tomorrow and haven't listened to the whole episode. Enjoy.