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I Love You, Mana

Oct 29, 2020

Mike tries to back out of a deal. Tor orders dinner. Zach undergoes what can only be described as forced adoption. I Love You, Mana gets a new friend. We also touch on the upcoming commander set. We have an actual wholesome moment in this one.

Oct 23, 2020

We continue our campaign of willing worse and worse MTG products into existence. Mike and Zach enter into a titanic pact.

Oct 13, 2020

Zach gets in an accident

Please contribute to our theme song contest, you could win a mana crypt. Mike promises that he will shave his head into whatever the mana pampers desire. I (tor) can only promise that the mana crypt part of that will be fulfilled.

Oct 6, 2020

This episode exists in a ridiculous universe where magic decides to do a walking dead tie in set. Try to go with it, we know it's kind of out there.