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I Love You, Mana

Sep 23, 2021

In the most ambitious ILYM role playing extravaganza to date, the Holy Trinity embarks on a new quest of self discovery at the Orbsah School of Wizardry (completely original and unique concept).  For the first part of the episode, Mike and Tor riff like old times as they patiently wait for Zach to return from a MTG draft. The RPG, Adventures into the Orbsah Campus, begins at (37:00) with Mike donning the role of DM, Tor playing Susie Soccer Balls, a ruthless and sultry Bajoran, and Zach playing Grant Carlin, a half-elf, half-gnome, balding man-creature. A truly inexplicable descent into chaos, calamity and debauchery ensues… 

ILYM Plugs

The third "I Love You, Mana - Live!" show is happening on Oct 9th @ 8PM at Sisyphus Brewing in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Buy tickets now!





Intro Music: DustyMoon

Editing: Micah/Belly