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I Love You, Mana

May 19, 2022

We break down Commander Legends Battle For Baldur's Gate spoilers. Typical ILYM preroll precedes spoiler talk and atypical ILYM STRATEGY TALK precedes preroll.


(00:15) Core Value Proposition Strategy Meeting
(12:40) MEAT
(16:22) Belly's International Audience Report
(19:30) The Incident
(31:30) Mailbag
(39:00) Tor's Confession
(40:20) Fool Us
(41:05) Pig Royalty
(48:25) Cold Open
(52:12) Battle For Baldur's Gate Spoilers

*MEA CULPA* Belly apologizes for his audio quality this episode--there was another software interfering with his mic input that he only discovered in post. I did my best to repair it...sorry!!!

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ILYM Theme: dmoon
Outro: Neel Ghosh
Editing: Micah/Belly