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I Love You, Mana

Jul 8, 2022

We welcome Sam Ihlenfedlt (PT XLN Top 8, Former Gold Pro, 2017-2018 Rookie of the Year) back to the program to walk us through a live draft of Double Masters 2022 on MTGO (Magic: The Gathering Online). This ep has something for everyone: the full angelic quartet, 50 minutes of typical ILYM preroll, in-depth MTG analysis, and even a game!

(3:13) The Full Pid Returns
(5:45) A New Beginning
(7:40) Sable OST by Japanese Breakfast 
(11:45) Geoffrey Asmus Headlining ACME
(22:37) Beware the microwave
(27:30) Manifesting Miracles
(29:50) Card Shark
(31:30) HardSpace: Shipbreaker
(32:30) Guitar Hero
(37:20) Zach Sleepovers
(40:46) Chewy's Discord Update
(43:30) Sam's Double Masters
(45:44) Sarge, Shakespurr & Dotsee
(50:20) Crack-A-Pack
(51:20) Sam drafts Double Masters 
(1:19:20) Tor's Untitled Ape Game 
(1:31:00) Star Trek & Utopias
(1:33:35) Milking the IP teat
(1:41:18) Overview of Sam's limited deck 

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