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I Love You, Mana

Jul 15, 2022

We welcome Anica Cihla — content & community extraordinaire, Twitch streamer and stand-up comedian — to the program to discuss Magic: The Gathering, Juggalos, and the majesty of Nicolas Cage. We also have Anica play DUNGEON OF THE MAD PODCASTER  but, in a bit of unprecedented ILYM history, Anica brings their own game for us to play (Color identities of Nic Cage characters?) AND a very precious Commander deck for us to review.   

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(4:55) Scooby Doo

(7:48) Zach attempts to do a proper interview

(13:04) Tor’s delivery story

(18:16) Wise career advice  

(20:28) Anica’s stand-up tale

(28:00) Zach is Anti-Juggalo 

(29:08) Fucking magnets, how do they work?

(33:55) National Treasure Playmate

(37:49) DUNE

(40:55) AVATAR

(44:45) Zach tries again to do a proper interview

(52:40) Card Sommelier 

(53:30) What is your favorite card & card art?

(1:03:20) Syntax

(1:09:00) Book Burning

(1:20:50) Cold Open: Dungeon of the Mad Podcaster

(1:23:10) Nicolas Cage

(1:27:55) Color identities of Nic Cage characters?

(1:38:00) National Treasure Commander Deck 

(1:52:20) Deck Tech

(2:03:45) Proxy or Secret Lair?

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