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I Love You, Mana

Jun 24, 2022

We welcome Drew Janda to the program and talk exclusively about Magic: The Gathering and the state of Commander/EDH. We also make Drew play Guess That Power Creep!

Important Plug

Check out Grant Winkels (with Zach Kagan) this Friday 6/24 and Saturday 6/25 @ The Comedy Corner Underground!


(4:30) Conspiracy

(9:27) Digital blankets

(12:53) A promising, new investment venture

(17:50) Flat Squirrels NFTs

(21:58) Working remotely 

(32:00) Minneapolis comedy talk

(37:20) ILYM’s Exclusive Reveal

(41:00) Listener Voicemail 

(47:25) Cold Open

(50:50) Sea Perverts 

(57:47) Oh yeah, baby, real & authentic MTG talk

(1:06:00) Mono-red versus Esper 

(1:17:00) Commander catch-up

(1:27:10) Sea change (new media)

(1:30:13) 100 Awesome Minutes To Help Fix The Planet

(1:39:53) Guess That Power Creep

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