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I Love You, Mana

Aug 11, 2022

I Love You, Mana celebrates its 200th episode (199.5th according to Zach). Here's to 200 more!

(2:00) Jerry Springer/Seinfeld/Stiller*
(7:18) I'll Grieve You With This - Ep 11 (with Zachary Kagan)
(10:15) Mike's Instagram grind
(12:05) Dudesy podcast
(15:28) Listener Voicemails 
(19:45) Important Tor Lore Reveal
(23:04) "Belly, timestamp that"
(27:10) Uber Chewy's Discord News
(30:00) Compliment sandwiches 
(36:00) ILYM's Future
(40:30) #1 Comedy & Golf Podcast
(47:00) The 4th Industrial Revolution
(50:05) We live in a simulation
(52:58) The Return...
(56:27) Bicentennial Man (1999)
(1:11:35) The video

Editor's Note

*We were talking about too many Jerrys at once and Belly mixed up Jerry Seinfeld with Jerry Stiller. It is true that Jerry Stiller was supposed to play the Hesh character on The Sopranos. Look it up!!!

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