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I Love You, Mana

Aug 26, 2021

With Mike and Ricky Ramen still on the run, Micah, Zach, and Tor eat from the forbidden fruit (attempt to record a straight MTG episode) and are subsequently cast out from everlasting paradise. The premise of this episode was that we do a pure REACT podcast to the Magic, The Gathering Showcase 2021 event ( that premiered on August 24th. While Micah and Zach promised that they would not consume any magic news leading up to the recording (so that we could deliver a pure REACT experience to our dear listeners), in hindsight, it has become clear to this humble podcast producer and copywriter that Zach clearly did not uphold his part of the bargain (yes, this is a subtweet). Also, we received our first voicemail from an adoring fan! If you hated this REACT pod format, let us know by subscribing to our Patreon ( for $5 a month. 

Plugs: Check out the I Love You, Mana instagram (@iloveyoumana) ASAP for another giveaway contest! The giveaway is free to enter and the winner is being announced TODAY (8/26)!!