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I Love You, Mana

Jan 13, 2022

The illustrious STONKS series returns for it's 3rd entry into the ILYM-extended universe. We welcome back friend of the show and cardboard day trader Uber_Chewy to give us a retrospective on 2021 MTG finance and help us forecast for 2022. This time Chewy brings his good friend, Mr. Nived, along for the ride. Uber_Chewy and Mr. Nived are both beloved members of the ILYM community and you can catch them playing Spelltable commander on weekends in our discord.

Yearly Winners 2021: Top Winners and Losers

Official STONK Specs (You can roast us for these in 2 years):

  • Prismatic Ending
  • Delina, Wild Mage
  • MH2 Fetchlands
  • Strixhaven Mystical Archive Japanese Variant
  • Kaldheim Legendaries Showcase Variant
  • Phyrexian Tribal
  • Sopranos Secret Lair (10x copies)
  • AFR Class Cards

STONK pt.III Lessons:

  • Patience, patience, patience
  • Foil multiplier factor
  • Recognize upcoming mechanics/synergies and buy related cards before the market catches up


Editing: Micah/Belly