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I Love You, Mana

Sep 22, 2022

Mike, Belly, and Zach are joined by special guests Aaron Isaacs and Dr. Reginald Fauck III to once again discuss the upcoming Magic: The Gathering supplemental Un-set, Unfinity. We're sorry...

(5:55) Meeting Dr. Fauck
(7:58) Zach's L
(10:20) LIV Golf 
(14:40) Aaron & Belly's Mea Culpa
(18:08) MaRo's L
(25:05) The Cold Open
(29:50) Getting to know Reginald
(34:30) Incendiary tweets 
(44:35) Devil K. Nevil
(50:20) Attractions
(52:40) Pies
(53:30) Mailbag
(55:45) Ep.119 The Guy Who Said He Did It and got Caught
(57:30) Important Sebastian Update
(1:05:28) Important Sound Drop
(1:10:25) Hall of Mirrors
(1:12:15) Tor Returns
(1:18:45) Igancio of Myra's Marvels

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