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I Love You, Mana

May 19, 2022

We break down Commander Legends Battle For Baldur's Gate spoilers. Typical ILYM preroll precedes spoiler talk and atypical ILYM STRATEGY TALK precedes preroll.


(00:15) Core Value Proposition Strategy Meeting
(12:40) MEAT
(16:22) Belly's International Audience Report
(19:30) The Incident

May 13, 2022

Mike, Tor and Belly attempt to record an episode without Zach Kagan--chaos ensues, Ricky Ramen shows up, and Mike and Belly play Tor's Streets of New Capenna hat-game, "Street Rats Off To You".

(2:35) MEAT
(5:50) Zach quits the mainfeed
(7:40) T(h)or
(9:00) Momoa and Fast &...

May 5, 2022

Susie Soccer Ball, Grant Carlin, and BabyBell (BB-8) resume their epic, mind-bending RPG at the hands of DM Mike Lester…an hour of typical, ILYM preroll precedes… 

Ep 184 Return to Orbsah | Escape from Uncy Joe's Hamburger Store (Pt.1)

(Also, checkout the original RPG, Adventures into the Orbsah Campus)

Ep 153...

Apr 28, 2022

We take a break from Mike's RPG and invent a new form of edging.


(8:30) Zach was a hero
(12:20) Tom Hardy
(14:18) Timestamp
(27:20) Young Farmers of Minnesota
(30:20) Plating
(32:40) Mike's last Minneapolis headline dates for a bitsy
(41:15) SEO Poop...

Apr 21, 2022

The angelic quartet returns to the Orbsah campus and embarks on another RPG courtesy of Dungeon Master Mike Lester. An hour of typical, ILYM preroll precedes… 

Checkout the original RPG, Adventures into the Orbsah Campus:

Ep 153 Adventures into the Orbsah Campus | Back to School RPG (Pt.1) 

Ep 157 Adventures into...