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I Love You, Mana

Jan 29, 2020

This isn't a political episode. The title is a reference to a joke that mike made. I couldn't remeber the exact wording. Tor does predictions for the future. Mike and Tor sync. Zach talks new Theros.

Jan 22, 2020

Zach gets a call from the slaughterhouse. Mike spoils 1917 somewhere around like 43min to 49min so watch out if you're that kind of person. Tor couldn't remember the word gamete.

Jan 17, 2020

This is a continuation of our last ep. You wont miss anything if you don't listen to them in order. You should still listen to both of them though. 

Jan 15, 2020

Hey everyone, thanks for bearing with us((me)Tor), We've been very busy and are very sorry for the 14 day wait. We've got a special one for you this week. It was supposed to be a two-parter and is still going to be a two-parter but the second part is going to come out friday and there's a true crime aspect to it. Thank...

Jan 1, 2020

Happy New Years. This episode features the first time that I've ever heard mike stear the conversation towards magic and Zach pitches a birthday draft. Come to our live show tomorrow.