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I Love You, Mana

Dec 25, 2021

Ricky Ramen saves Christmas with a Holiday Clipmas Show (featuring memorable moments from the last year of ILYM)!

Clips (in order of appearance):

When we tried Ricky Ramen’s Ramen-Flavored Seltzer - “The Guy Who Said He Did It and got Caught”, Ep. 119

When Joe Lester fought Nazis - “March Magic Megasode”, Ep....

Dec 23, 2021

It would be extremely painful…


(0:12) Preroll

(12:04) We debrief Mike’s comedy album recording (releasing spring 2022)

(33:47) Zach tells a “brief” Magic: The Gathering story

(41:47) Baneposting

(48:10) A Brand New Segment - The Red Mage’s Cheaters Den, Week 1

(59:48) Tor plays Poppy Playtime

Dec 16, 2021

We discuss the changing value proposition of Magic, The Gathering as evidenced by the proliferation of Secret Lair product and the rise of serialized cards. The topic of this episode is heavily inspired by and also credited to Rudy from Alpha Investments* and these two videos:

Dec 9, 2021

Mike, Zach, and Tor are joined by platinum angel of the show, Dustin Hackworth, to talk life, love, maritime disasters, deep ILYM lore, and so much more!

Important Plugs:

If you live in Southern California, checkout Dmoon's gig TOMORROW (12/10) & SATURDAY (12/11): The Secret Circus - Holigay Special!

And if you live in...

Dec 2, 2021

We are joined by a special guest to read MaRo's article, "To Unfinity and Beyond" .


  • Preroll (0:15)
  • SPORTS (15:15)
  • Mailbag question (32:40)
  • Sib's review of Zach's Vegas trip (36:00)
  • Special message for Chewy (43:14)
  • Uber Chewy's Discord Update (45:28)
  • Cold Open (50:22)
  • Reading series ft. special guest...