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I Love You, Mana

Oct 28, 2021

Mike, Zach, Tor & Belly ride the zeitgeist sandworm and talk Denis Villeneuve’s Dune (2021). This is a SPOILER HEAVY episode so if you haven’t read Frank Herbert’s Dune or watched any of the Hollywood adaptions, well, you’ll probably still be in luck because the first half of the episode is typical I Love You, Mana preroll nonsense. In the beginning, Zach, Belly and Mike (5:25) chop it up and talk about Zach’s new beau and their romantic bonfire date; Zach attempts to retell (10:18) a “spooky” story; Zach & Tor reminisce (23:10) about a classic ep from the archives (“The Devil is in the Flavor Text”, June 27th, 2018); Mike shares (25:19) another story from his Dad, Joe Lester; finally, [SPOILER ALERT] the gang (37:36) settles in to discuss DUNE; Tor (38:30) uncovers a powerful, secret message; Belly delivers the cold open/ode to Frank Herbert/Zach Kagan fan fiction (47:43); thereafter a full DUNE recap/review/build-a-set is unloaded—THE SPICE MUST FLOW.







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Intro Music: DustyMoon

Editing: Micah/Belly