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I Love You, Mana

Dec 1, 2022

We welcome Andrew Elenbogen (Five Grand Prix Top 8s and the last Pro Tour Champion) and Greg Michel (Two Grand Prix Top 8s, Pro Tour Regular and Magic Summit 2022 Champion) of SystemMagic to ILYM to talk about golf, futbol, abstract concepts, and MTG twitter. Zach leads Tor, Greg, and Andrew in a game of Stock Green.

Please follow and support Andrew, Greg and System Magic. They were lovely guests and we hope to have them on again!


(2:22) Roasting Zach's movie knowledge 
(5:55) Fantasy golf league
(9:30) Soccer/Futbol 
(15:35) XFL
(17:00) Giving Tuesday
(20:35) Mega churches
(22:00) Shout out @ChristnNitemare & abstract concepts
(23:50) Stock Green Meme Deck
(28:00) Mtg Twitter
(32:00) Tor Reading Series 
(39:29) Greg won a Black Lotus!
(40:50) Lost in time like tears in rain
(45:40) VOD of Greg winning
(48:05) Stock Green Quiz
(59:30)  Freddy Got Fingered
(1:01:20) The Hoggies Will Ride  

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