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I Love You, Mana

Mar 31, 2022

We vote on round 3 aka The Sweet 16 of the March Magics: 2022 Landfall Edition Tournament. An abnormal amount of poop talk in this one. We're sorry. Timestamps:

(4:41) Mike's Limited Journey 

(5:40) Check out OUR TWITCH CHANNEL

(10:00) Mike and Belly's Timberwolves Bet

(12:18) Tor's Explanation

(13:20) Obligatory Zietgiest Clickbait

(15:35) Shipping Joe Lester & Lori Lightfoot 

(19:55) Mailbag Q

(26:22) Joe Lester's stance on the paranormal

(28:18) Paula Small

(29:45) The Lampshade

(37:15) Zach's Movie Corner

(41:40) Mike's take on eating poop

(45:00) Mike's New Volcano Bag Feat

(51:50) More poop content

(1:03:00) Cold Open

(1:09:00) Deep State Scheming

(1:11:20) Witcher 2

(1:15:10) Round 3 of March Magics Tournament

(1:39:00) We crown the winner of March Magics

(1:40:00) jk hehe

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ILYM Theme: dmoon

Outro: Neel Ghosh

Editing: Micah/Belly