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I Love You, Mana

Nov 5, 2021

It's another chaos episode--Tor, Zach, Mike, and Belly talk about life, death, marriage, rebirth, the cycle of life...the angelic quartet is joined by a new, utterly perplexing character from the deep recesses of the ILYM-multiverse, Zach delivers his magnum opus cold-open, and Belly goes nuclear. Finally, Mike, Tor, Belly, and MaRo play PID GAME* and subsequently lose their minds. 

*The ILYM-aficionado might surmise that we recorded this ep before last week's Dune-review-double-header because we wanted to ride the cultural zietgest wave on-time for once. Well, this week the sins from our past have caught up to us because the majority of the ep is structured around the hit Netflix show Squid Game, which is even older news than DUNE (2021) by now. 







Intro Music: DustyMoon

Editing: Micah/Belly