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I Love You, Mana

Nov 8, 2022

Uncle Chunk returns to ILYM and unleashes his fury on hosts and guests alike. This ep features a long list of guests (Aaron Isaacs, Nina Perkins, Baby Ricky, Mike's Bart doll) and a number of ILYM-lore expanding developments. We were supposed to talk Brothers' War spoilers in the second half of the episode but Grant Winkles (We Cool? Podcast) aka Uncle Binkles crashes the party to discuss the alleged golf scramble beef and the bartered truce agreement between Chunk and Binkles.


(2:55) I'm sorry
(4:45) Kagan X Sagan
(7:25) ILYM Voicemails
(9:10) Mike Says Goodbye
(13:00) The Return of Uncle Chunk
(17:00) Baby Ricky
(21:20) The Beach Boys
(33:20) Monster Mash
(39:30) Lore Theories
(42:43) The Cold Open
(45:35) Grant Winkles of The We Cool Podcast
(56:37) The Snitchcast
(1:04:57) Shingles Steve
(1:07:21) Brothers' War Spoilers
(1:11:27) The alleged round of golf
(1:13:27) Pass or Smash (Horror Movie Monsters)
(1:29:50) Listen to the We Cool? Podcast
(1:31:30) Join the ILYM Patreon!

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