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I Love You, Mana

Aug 19, 2022

Zach, Tor and Belly stumble, struggle and sincere-post their way through an entire ep without Mike. Luckily, Mike Lester sends in a special road diary featuring a very special guest.


(0:30) Sorry, man
(5:35) I'll Grieve You With This Episode 11 (with Zach Kagan)
(11:43) Rescue Me 
(16:20) Horizon Zero Dawn
(18:39) Zach freaks out
(20:48) Mike Lester's Road Diary Pt.I
(22:38) Parasocial blankets 
(25:30) Zach's performance review
(29:25) Summit Avenue
(33:45) M.L.R.D. Pt.II
(39:10) Shared DNA
(43:00) Tor lore reveal
(44:10) The Arrogant Worms
(46:35) ILYM REACTS 
(52:37) Metaverse 
(1:03:27) M.L.R.D. Pt.III
(1:08:00) Horizon Zero Dawn & cultural appropriation
(1:15:30) Virtual photography
(1:31:05) Hapa Haole
(1:43:38) M.L.R.D. Pt.IV
(1:49:47) Full body tattoos 
(1:59:20) Highschool Zach

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