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I Love You, Mana

Sep 30, 2021

Mike, Tor, Belly, and Zach attempt to answer one of life’s most enigmatic questions: What is Jank? 

Mike and Belly start out the ep questioning Zach’s alibi and (4:45) reliving Mike’s week of EDH and cEDH; Tor and Mike (12:30) discuss St. Paul lore and the character of Little Susie; Zach finally calls in (20:30) and proceeds to give us an in-depth, 40-minute breakdown of his 50 year old cousin’s wedding in Long Island; for the remainder of the ep (1:02:42) we discuss the topic of JANK and unpack the tenets of the I Love You, Mana jEDH league; finally, we give thanks to our first official sponsor (1:15:20) and play our first sponsored advertisement (remember to use coupon code: MANAPAMPERS to get 50% off at check-out).

ILYM Plugs

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Intro Music: DustyMoon

Editing: Micah/Belly