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I Love You, Mana

Mar 31, 2022

We vote on round 3 aka The Sweet 16 of the March Magics: 2022 Landfall Edition Tournament. An abnormal amount of poop talk in this one. We're sorry. Timestamps:

(4:41) Mike's Limited Journey 

(5:40) Check out OUR TWITCH CHANNEL

(10:00) Mike and Belly's Timberwolves Bet

(12:18) Tor's Explanation

(13:20) Obligatory...

Mar 24, 2022

We adjudicate round 2 of March Magics: 2022 Landfall Edition. Find the Bracket here. We're sorry.


(2:00) Patreon Shout-Out
(4:07) Local Minneapolis News
(9:20) Devohn Bland Shout-Out
(16:00) Twitter is kind of a cesspool right now
(23:45) Chicken Tortilla Soup
(26:10) JRE
(30:40) We play Adjusted For...

Mar 17, 2022

We finish up the round one matchups of our 2022 March Magics: Landfall Edition Tourney. This coverage includes the winners from the 32 bracket play-in tournament. We’re sorry. 


(2:30) Zach’s Youtube Channel 

(6:07) Belly and Mike’s Minnesota Timberwolves Wager

(12:21) We ask Zach questions

(24:46) Bam...

Mar 11, 2022

We adjudicate the round one matchups of our 2022 March Magics: Landfall Edition Tourney (minus the play-in tournament results). We’re sorry.

March Magics 2022 64 Bracket:

Time Stamps:

(11:00) Wild Crane & Kakasa

(14:30) Joe Lester’s shadow-banning

(19:46) March Magics - ROUND 1


Mar 4, 2022

This is Part I of our ongoing March Magics Series: Landfall Edition. We're sorry for this one (again).

[5:00] Tor's Window
[7:00] Goblin Mode 
[9:05] Television
[22:22] Zach's Nookie Problems
[33:25] Tor explains the Wanda, Maxi, Maro Cuckhold Story 
[35:00] Footy Scrans 
[40:40] Housekeeping
[42:08] Fan...