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I Love You, Mana

Apr 8, 2022

We judge the quarterfinal, semifinal, and final round matchups of our 2022 March Magics: Landfall Edition Tournament. We're sorry. 


(3:23) Semi-official partnership w/ Sisyphus Brewery ad read (visit Sisyphus Brewery on April, 13th for a semi-sponsored ILYM Magic draft!)

(6:24) A new kind of vampire

(9:50) Trauma inducing movies for children

(13:39) We’re sorry

(18:00) Zach under siege 

(23:25) ILYM Monday Limited Twitch Show

(25:45) Wrestlemania

(29:45) #exoticbullies #microbullies

(31:30) The truth comes out

(36:38) Mike’s side gig

(44:30) Salads 

(47:20) A very important question

(54:00) Technical difficulties 

(56:50) March Magics In Memoriam (Lands We’ve Lost) 

(58:40) March Magics Ceremonial Bag

(101:50) Cold Open I 

(105:30) March Magics Quarter Finals 

(1:17:38) Cold Open II

(1:20:30) March Magics Semi Finals

(1:24:38) Cold Open III

(1:25:30) March Magics Finals 

(1:29:24) And the winner is…

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ILYM Theme: dmoon

Editing: Micah/Belly