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I Love You, Mana

May 13, 2022

Mike, Tor and Belly attempt to record an episode without Zach Kagan--chaos ensues, Ricky Ramen shows up, and Mike and Belly play Tor's Streets of New Capenna hat-game, "Street Rats Off To You".

(2:35) MEAT
(5:50) Zach quits the mainfeed
(7:40) T(h)or
(9:00) Momoa and Fast & Furious lore
(15:00) FF Spec Script 
(21:50) Disrupting the superhero genre 
(24:50) Lister Voicemails
(27:00) Remember when...
(31:10) Allegations against Zach
(32:52) Religion
(34:00) A Solemn Prayer
(35:20) God's most dangerous warrior
(39:30) Weather
(43:40) Tor's Grandma's house   
(47:30) House of Comedy, Mall of America
(51:00) Disney Adults
(53:00) Ricky Ramen's Disney Noodle House
(55:20) Rickybits by Ricky Ramen's Noodle House  
(1:01:00) Tor's imprisonment 
(1:09:50) Street Rats Off To You
(1:14:30) The rules of engagement
(1:26:05) Tor saves Belly from his acronym flub

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