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I Love You, Mana

Mar 17, 2022

We finish up the round one matchups of our 2022 March Magics: Landfall Edition Tourney. This coverage includes the winners from the 32 bracket play-in tournament. We’re sorry. 


(2:30) Zach’s Youtube Channel 

(6:07) Belly and Mike’s Minnesota Timberwolves Wager

(12:21) We ask Zach questions

(24:46) Bam Margera 

(29:50) The five figs Mike would save

(31:10) Workshopping Zach’s standup 

(41:41) We attempt to resume round 1 of March Magics 

(54:00) The March Magics bracket finally begins

(55:50) jk Zach has another story 

(59:05) The Raccoon Whisperer

(1:03:40) More filibustering with dog stories 

(1:06:10) March Magics Round 1

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Editing: Micah/Belly