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I Love You, Mana

May 26, 2022

Tor, Belly and Zach workshop new copy for an ILYM Google ad. An hour of pre-roll precedes. 


(0:58) Hairlines
(2:20) Londo Mollari 
(5:15) Maxtoyco's Shin Eyezon 
(6:15) Mobile Games
(9:40) Mobile Game Ads
(10:50) Fast and Furious Lore
(13:50) Follow!
(15:10) Vin Diesel...

May 19, 2022

We break down Commander Legends Battle For Baldur's Gate spoilers. Typical ILYM preroll precedes spoiler talk and atypical ILYM STRATEGY TALK precedes preroll.


(00:15) Core Value Proposition Strategy Meeting
(12:40) MEAT
(16:22) Belly's International Audience Report
(19:30) The Incident

May 13, 2022

Mike, Tor and Belly attempt to record an episode without Zach Kagan--chaos ensues, Ricky Ramen shows up, and Mike and Belly play Tor's Streets of New Capenna hat-game, "Street Rats Off To You".

(2:35) MEAT
(5:50) Zach quits the mainfeed
(7:40) T(h)or
(9:00) Momoa and Fast &...

May 5, 2022

Susie Soccer Ball, Grant Carlin, and BabyBell (BB-8) resume their epic, mind-bending RPG at the hands of DM Mike Lester…an hour of typical, ILYM preroll precedes… 

Ep 184 Return to Orbsah | Escape from Uncy Joe's Hamburger Store (Pt.1)

(Also, checkout the original RPG, Adventures into the Orbsah Campus)

Ep 153...