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I Love You, Mana

Aug 26, 2022

We answer listener mailbag questions. We're sorry.


(8:30) Educate me
(12:40) Ep. 201 Review
(15:15) The Scarlet Letter 
(20:00) Shirtless Detectives
(31:38) Smokin' Big Doinks in Amish
(34:00) Mailbag Questions
(41:53) Red Mage's "The Cheater's Den Ep.3"
(46:15) Mailbag...

Aug 19, 2022

Zach, Tor and Belly stumble, struggle and sincere-post their way through an entire ep without Mike. Luckily, Mike Lester sends in a special road diary featuring a very special guest.


(0:30) Sorry, man
(5:35) I'll Grieve You With This Episode 11 (with Zach Kagan)
(11:43) Rescue Me 

Aug 11, 2022

I Love You, Mana celebrates its 200th episode (199.5th according to Zach). Here's to 200 more!

(2:00) Jerry Springer/Seinfeld/Stiller*
(7:18) I'll Grieve You With This - Ep 11 (with Zachary Kagan)
(10:15) Mike's Instagram grind
(12:05) Dudesy podcast
(15:28) Listener Voicemails 
(19:45) Important Tor Lore...

Aug 4, 2022

Welcome to Short Sierkoting with your host Sierkovitz and special guests Mike Lester and BellyTV. On episode 1 of Short Sierkoting we discuss Zach Kagan’s many broken promises. 

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